Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Course ID: QHA4101

Duration: 24 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy’s Programme on Cyber Threat Intelligence

 41,300.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)


About Programme

This program focuses on knowing the dark web, adversaries and their tools, tactics and procedures (TTP). Using this knowledge any organization can build Intelligence led security programs, where the intelligence gathered on the field about adversary leads to security decisions and investments. This program builds a solid foundation towards understanding various aspects of Cyber Threat Intelligence and provides a quick kick start towards targeted and result oriented threat research.


Highlights of the programme

  1. Know the tools-tactics and procedures of bad actors to formulate appropriate defence mechanism.
  2. Empower with skills that enables you to lead with an intelligence-led approach in cyber security.
  3. Improves credibility in terms of cyber security knowledge and experience.
  4. Take this course and be amongst the few elite people of the country to know this technology.


Programme Content

  • Introduction of Information Security, Threats and Risk and Attack life cycle.
  • Introduction and need of Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Knowing the unknown, Types of CTI, CTI Jargons, Research Ethics
  • Search, Re-Search – Utilizing Google’s potential
  • Using GHDB for Intel Gathering & Social Networks re-search
  • Open Source Feeds & Case Study + Hands – on Exercise
  • Internet Treasure Hunts – Clear Net, Dark Net and Market Places
  • Basics of I2P and TOR, Onion search engines, case study + Hands-on Exercise
  • Attribution Basics – Operational Security Basics, Know the enemy (Info gathering), Rules of engagement
  • Social Engineering basics, Language Barrier, Onion Search Engines Case Study + Hands-on Exercise
  • Technical Research – Basics – Virus Total Overview and Usage
  • Public Sandboxes, Detux Overview and Usage
  • Shodan Overview and Usage, IP Reputation/Info Lookup
  • Introduction to Honeypots, Case Study + Hands-on Exercise
  • Intelligence Analysis & Reporting – Observables, Attribution and Technical Reports

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Additional Information


  • Anyone who has experience in incident response and information security techniques OR Students who have real world experience with incident response techniques and are comfortable with Linux can expect to succeed in this course.

Laptop Requirements

  • Processor – Intel i3 or above
  • RAM minimum – 4gb
  • HDD space minimum – 10GB
  • 1 Virtual machine configured with Kali
  • Administrative Rights of the machine



This course would be best suited for whom?

  • Students, Incident Response Team Members
  • Security Operations Center Personnel and Information Security Practitioners
  • Experienced Digital Forensic Analysts
  • Law Enforcement Officials
  • Anyone who is keen on understanding this domain.