Blockchain, Darkweb and Cyber Crime

Blockchain, Darkweb and Cyber Crime



About the programme:

This is a special programme designed to keep in mind the conundrum, bitcoin has caused in the market leaving people struggling to digest the reality.
Adding on, this special programme of evolves not only around the bitcoins and the dilemma it has caused but also makes you familiar with topics which have yet not touched the grounds of reality.
Perhaps it would not be wrong to say that to survive in the era of “Internet of Things” one has to beaware of the basic concepts of this special programme designed by the industry experts.

Highlights of the programme

  • Learning the effective and efficient use of technology behind the crypto currencies.
  • This special programme revolves around the blockchain technology and the part it has played to change the era of internet.
  • To build the skills which will help to learn and understand the revolutionising era of Cyber Security.


  • Anyone who is using technology and has the ability to excel in Cyber Security Domain so as to mitigate risks.