Python-Best Friend of Information Security Consultant

Python-Best Friend of Information Security Consultant



About program

Keep hearing about Python-this and Python-that but don’t know how to start?
Wasting your time doing a lot of manual work?
Looking for a way to start with Python? This is the training for anyone who is or isn’t a Python programmer. We have designed this course for serving both the groups. We start with a quick but detailed introduction to the Python language, and then move to all things hacking and automation. Every topic mentioned here comprises of hands-on exercises. In information security, automation plays an important part in getting things done quick and easy. Be it searching Virustotal or trying to brute force an SSH or FTP service [ Of Course As a test on your own environment]. We cover it all in this class.


  • Automate regular InfoSec tasks
  • Fast paced python learning – Completely hands-on
  • Improved automation skills
  • All around coverage of Python possibilities
  • Tons of scripts at the end of course

Best Suited For

  • Information Security Professionals
  • People who are looking for simple automation in their daily tasks
  • People having prior Python experience wanting to apply it in Information Security Domain


  • Basic programming knowledge (Not mandatory but desired)
  • Networking basics
  • Information Security basics
  • Familiarity with any one of the Operating System (Linux preferred)