Digital Forensic Investigation

Digital Forensic Investigation



About program

Due to increased internet penetration and attacks on Information Technology infrastructure. Smartphone attacks are growing rapidly with a major rise in malware attacks. The program aims at imparting knowledge of investigation and analysis of digital devices to gather and preserve evidence such that they can be proved in the court of law.


  • Learning to detect how and when breach has occurred
  • Identifying compromised and affected systems
  • Determining what attackers took and changed
  • Learning to remediate incidents
  • Understanding the detailed steps of investigation
  • Learning to document the chain of evidence

Best Suited For

  • Incident Response Team Members
  • Red Team Members, Penetration Testers, and Exploit Developers
  • Information Security Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Professionals, Lawyers
  • Students and those seeking a career change to take advantage of the job opportunities in information security and need formal training/certification


  • Anyone who has a sound technical knowledge, is a fast learner, good analytical thinking OR having basic knowledge of LAN technologies and networking basics