Image Forensics Analysis

Image Forensics Analysis



About program

Media such as images and videos have evolved to become the preferred means of communication in today’s era and they function as a strong evidence in everyday life, controversies, and trials. The Image Forensics Analyst program helps users understand the process to extract, analyze and interpret the content of the image in legal matters.


  • Understanding the importance and role of image forensics in investigation
  • Identification of the source device
  • Acquiring the image and the right way of storage
  • Techniques used for identifying image sources
  • Identifying acts of tampering and techniques used for tampering
  • Identifying the image contents
  • Learning right Documentation.

Best Suited For

  • Students and Information Security Professionals
  • Incident Response Team Members
  • Media Exploitation Analysts
  • Anyone interested in deep understanding of image forensics.


  • Undergraduates
  • Anyone with sound technical knowledge and a fast learner OR basic understanding of computers