First Responder Electronic Crime Scene Investigation (Level 2)

First Responder Electronic Crime Scene Investigation (Level 2)



First Responder – Electronic Crime Scene Investigation(Level -2)

Computers and other electronic media are being increasingly used to commit crimes. Hence they serve as potential evidence of crimes and provide information on suspects and victims irrespective of their geography. Digital evidence can be found on pen drives, smartphones, hard disks, etc., and can be hidden in images, videos, encrypted files, etc. It can even be altered, damaged, or destroyed easily from improper handling or examination. This warrants the need to preserve such evidence with utmost care.

Program Suitable For

  • Personnel working with Physical Security
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Forensic Accounting Unit
  • Fraud Control Unit and IT Security
  • New entrants in the above domain are also welcome.


  • Anyone managing an organization that processes such a crime scene.
  • Sound understanding of computer basics.
  • Anyone who wish to understand the legal and technical requirements necessary to carry out a successful high technology investigation.
  • Knowledge of Law and Technology would be an added advantage.