Cyber Law & Corporate Liability

Cyber Law & Corporate Liability



About the programme:

When we talk about cyber law and corporate liability, we tend to talk about how evolving technology has transformed the legal aspects of operating business and the corporate sector. Perhaps we try to bridge the gap where the industry has to be smart enough to accept the technology, be much more comfortable with the use of it as well as understand the concepts of law governing them.

Highlights of the programme

  • Know the tools-tactics and procedures of bad actors to formulate appropriate defence mechanism.
  • Empower with skills that enables you to lead with an intelligence-led approach in cyber security.
  • Improves credibility in terms of cyber security knowledge and experience.
  • Take this course and be amongst the few elite people of the country to know this technology.


  • Anyone who is using technology and has the ability to excel in Cyber Security Domain so as to mitigate risks.