Introduction to Data Privacy

Introduction to Data Privacy



About program

Data Privacy affects each and every individual in today’s digital world – and therefore concerns every organization. In India, the prevailing myth seems to be ‘Data Privacy is not something we need to bother about just yet – there is no law’. Another common misunderstanding is that Data Privacy is the same as Data Security.
This course clears these myths and gives the attendee an overview of what Data Privacy is all about & how organizations can gear up for addressing key data privacy issues.

Highlights of the program

  • Understand why there is a need to address data privacy in their respective organizations
  • Know what is personal data and its various classifications
  • Understand key privacy laws and the underlying privacy principles that govern data privacy
  • Know what organizations need to institute to ensure personal data the organization deals with is treated responsibly and within the framework of laws
  • Get a snapshot of what is happening globally in this rapidly evolving domain and its relevance to the Indian context

Best Suited For

Individuals in organizations that deal with personal data – whether of clients or of their own employees – in the course of their daily business activities. These would include Marketing, Customer Care, HR, Legal, Finance, Compliance, Analytics, IT, Operations and Information Security.