Cyber Literacy Programme

Cyber Literacy Programme



About Programme

Today, Children are seen to give more regard to their “digital playgrounds”. It is not uncommon to see children playing on their smart phones while at a restaurant with their family, or to see a child operating a computer better than some adults.

Knowingly or unknowingly there is a lot of personal information being shared online by kids without knowing its effects. Therefore, it is very important that cyber Education is made part of School curriculum. Thus, to handle the situation we have designed CYBER LITERACY PROGRAMME for the Students, Parents and Management.

Why this programme?

  • No single agency or government institution can ensure the safety of children from online threats and violence.

    -UNICEF Report

  • 28 million out of 400 million internet users are school going kids.

    -An IAMAI 2016 report.

  • In India about 134 million children have access to mobile phones and the number is growing very fast with even faster access to internet.

    -UNICEF Study

  • India ranks #1 for highest blue whale related searches worldwide.

    -Google Data

  • Despite crackdown, India emerges as one of biggest contributors, consumers of child porn.

    -India Today Report


  • Anyone (Students, parents and teachers including the management) who wants to build skills that helps to create and maintain a cyber safe environment.