Cloud Security

Cloud Security



About program

Users and businesses of all shapes and sizes are migrating to the cloud for obvious reasons such as low maintenance cost, unlimited data storage, automatic software integration, rapid deployment, and easy access to information to name a few. But somewhere in the midst of all these benefits of cloud, its security has taken a back seat. And this still remains a serious concern for businesses and their users. The Academy’s Cloud Security program deep dives into cloud security and all that it encompasses.


  • Learning professional cloud security concepts
  • Learning professional cloud security concepts
  • Understanding the security threats and challenges in cloud computing
  • Understanding the physical security of cloud
  • Learning virtualization and security of cloud
  • Learning risk management in cloud
  • Understanding cloud network security
  • Understanding cloud IAM, monitoring the users and business architecture security of the cloud

Best Suited For

  • Security personnel who are currently tasked with assessing the technical risks of cloud computing
  • Network and systems administrators
  • Technical auditors and consultants
  • Students and Those seeking a career change to take advantage of the job opportunities in information security and need formal training/certification


  • One with basic understanding of TCP/IP and networking concepts OR one with basic understanding of security concepts OR anyone with sound technical knowledge and interest in cloud computing