Safeguarding Digital Footprints

Safeguarding Digital Footprints



About the programme:

With the ubiquity of internet, Cyber Space and the increased use of social networking sites, Cyber Security has become the need of every individual as well as organisations. Studying Safeguarding Digital Footprints will help you learn the importance of Cyber Security in the Cyber World.
Cyber Security Awareness is the first step to protect and mitigate risks involved in this technology-oriented era. Cyber Security Awareness programme helps in understanding various types of cybercrimes, their effect and countermeasures to protect the confidential information.

Programme Suitable for:

  • This programme is for all the tech-savvy enthusiasts and for all those who want to embark on a career within the Cyber Security domain


  • Anyone who is using technology and has the ability to excel in Cyber Security Domain so as to mitigate risks.