Targeted Fuzzing

Targeted Fuzzing



About Programme

Have you done basic fuzzing previously and want to know how to go further in depth of fuzzing and target specific application?
In this training we will be teaching targeted fuzzing for (Application type) and how to uncover cools bugs which cannot be identified using basic fuzzing. File format for this training will be selected prior to the training


  • Learn how to find 0day in targeted application.
  • Vulnerability research.
  • Learn to find buffer overflow, heap overflow, memory corruption bugs.

Best Suited For

  • Red Team members
  • Security Researchers
  • Corporate development teams interested in fuzzing their application for security vulnerabilities


  • Completion of Art of Finding 0 Days Training
  • Intermediate coding skills,
  • Good understanding of assembly language,
  • Good understanding of targeted application,
  • Understanding of internals of the targeted application (e.g. Browsers, MS Office, Image etc.)
  • Out of the box thinking,