Cyber Security for the 4-year B.Tech (Hons.) program at Quantum University

Cyber Security for the 4-year B.Tech (Hons.) program at Quantum University

Duration: 4 Years


About Programme

B.Tech (Hons.) in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security in Collaboration with Quick Heal Academy

Quantum University, Roorkee is offering a 4-year B.Tech (Hons.) program with specialization in Cyber Security putting forth a perceived Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Security. The extraordinary program is meant to improve mindfulness and redesign the abilities of software engineering graduates to make them equipped for shielding the internet from potential threats.

At Quantum University, we mold Engineers out of quality education that can shape the cutting edge technology. We have designed unique “Hands-on” curricula to strengthen the creative spark of students. No wonder our students design all-terrain vehicles, raise steel bridges, animate video games and harness solar power to racing cars. We create engineers who can shape scientific theory into the realm of real life and real time applications.

About Quantum University

In the year 2008, Quantum Global Campus was established which started in a sprawling 30 acres campus located in the Higher Education Mecca of India, Roorkee known for IIT Roorkee. Right from inception, Quantum has focused on delivering quality education and getting the best placements for their students.

Quantum was upgraded to a university status in 2017. Quantum University is a full-fledged university established by Uttarakhand State Legislature and is included in the list of universities maintained by University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2(f) with the right to confer degrees as per Section 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956.

The University offers inter-disciplinary programs, all of which are designed to be industry-relevant. Here students can choose interesting Major-Minor combinations and can skill themselves in multiple domains. Quantum is today considered one of the top institutions in North India.

Quantum University believes that passion and profession are two faces of a single coin. One nourishes the body, other feeds the soul. At Quantum, students are asked to take up passion programs as per their choice. Quantum, encourages the students to pursue their passion while studying at Quantum and excel in the field. Students no longer have to give up on their passion to pursue their careers. Through this the students have a chance to grow under a guided and structured format and achieve excellence in the chosen passion program. At the end of the program students would be expected to showcase their work in front of a live audience.


Highlights of the programme

With increasing incidents of large scale cyber-attacks, governmental and corporate espionage, the demand for cyber security professionals has increased significantly in the past one year.

Understanding the effect of cyber threats and the constantly changing face of technology, this programme focuses on creating a pool of cyber security professionals to reduce the demand-supply gap in the industry.

Quantum University has collaborated with Quick Heal Academy and designed a B.Tech (Hons.) program with specialization in Cyber Security.

  1. Interaction with industry
  2. Course designed by industry experts
  3. Hands-on training in the domain of Cyber Security
  4. Learn network monitoring, threat analysis tools and code analysis tool

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

“The more you gain knowledge, the more protective you will be”.

A 4-year B.Tech (Hons) with specialization in Cyber Security focuses covering theory as well as practical methods used to protect data and the cyber infrastructure.

Students go through hands-on training and interact with the industry experts to understand the technical and analytical skills required for a successful career in cyber security.

The demand for cyber security professionals is in both technical and as well as non-technical companies. They can expect great placements offers in top multinationals and research jobs in various industries. Following are some of the job profiles in the domain of cyber security and information security:

Security Analyst Security Engineer
Security Architect Security Administrator
Cyber Forensics Solutions Architect/Tech Consultant Risk Analyst
System Administrator Intelligence analyst

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