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Our experts will help professionals understand their actual needs and construct a targeted training program accordingly.


The events conducted essentially include CISO’s, CIO’s, researchers, analysts, technical enthusiasts, and personnel from information security domain and law enforcement agencies.


Our tie-ups with various Government bodies, corporates, colleges, universities, etc., give us the leverage to conduct specialized training for corporate professionals.


Collaboration with educational institutions, government organisations & law enforcement agencies for establishing innovative cyber security training programs.

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QHA2120: Digital Forensic Investigation

For more details, please write to [email protected] Know More About program Due to increased internet penetration and attacks on Information Technology infrastructure. Smart phone attacks are growing rapidly with a major rise in malware attacks. The program aims at imparting knowledge of investigation and analysis of digital devices to gather and preserve evidence such that they can be proved in court of law. Highlights of the program Learning to detect how and when breach has occurred Identifying compromised and affected systems Determining what attackers took and changed Learning to remediate incidents Understanding the detailed steps of investigation Learning to document...
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QHA2150: Image Forensics Analysis

For more details, please write to [email protected] Know More About program Media such as images and videos have evolved to become the preferred means of communication in today’s era and they function as a strong evidence in everyday life, controversies, and trials. The Image Forensics Analyst program helps users understand the process to extract, analyze and interpret the content of the image in legal matters. Highlights of the program Understanding the importance and role of image forensics in investigation Identification of the source device Acquiring the image and the right way of storage Techniques used for identifying image sources Identifying...
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QHA2141: Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

For more details, please write to [email protected] Know More About program The program explores malware analysis tools and techniques that help IT admins, security analysts and other such professionals acquire the practical skills to examine malicious programs that target and infect computer systems. The program provides a deep understanding of malware capabilities that can help individuals and businesses develop threat intelligence, respond to security incidents, and defend future threats. Highlights of the program In-depth understanding of malware analysis tools and techniques Understanding how a malware works Practical exposure to tools used as debugger, disassembler, system monitoring Learn network monitoring, binary...
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QHA2110: Cybercrime Scene Investigation

For more details, please write to [email protected] Know More About program Computers and other electronic media are being increasingly used to commit crimes. Hence they serve as potential evidence of crimes and provide information on suspects and victims irrespective of their geography. Digital evidence can be found on pen drives, smartphones, hard disks, etc., and can be hidden in images, videos, encrypted files, etc. Digital evidence can be altered, damaged, or destroyed easily from improper handling or examination. This warrants the need to preserve such evidence with utmost care. Highlights of the program Types of cybercrime Investigation techniques Technical and...
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