Mobile Application Security (Android) Professional

Mobile Application Security (Android) Professional

Course ID: QHA7311

Duration: 40 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy Certified Mobile Application Security (Android) Professional

 17,700.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)


About Programme

EVERYTHING- from posting pictures to meeting someone online, from net banking to online shopping, from paying bills to booking tickets; IS AVAILABLE ON THE NUMEROUS APPLICATIONS YOUR PLAY STORE OFFERS! Even in our personal lives, we are surrounded by applications and websites offering many predictions/recommendations be it personal, professional or as mundane as a weather or airfare update.

While mobile devices help the developers to interact with the users via their applications, they also create a huge challenge of security. This course helps in understanding the ubiquity that these applications carry and also an overview of the security measures to be taken.


Highlights of the programme

  1. You will learn Android mobile application architecture.
  2. Understand the functionality and data flow within android application.
  3. You will learn how to create public/private keys.
  4. You will learn certificate requests, installation/sign-in process/verify them for web server and client authentication, secure emails, and code signing.
  5. You will learn to hack mobile applications with vulnerabilities and patch them.
  6. You will be able to apply penetration testing tool to exploit vulnerable systems.


Programme Content

  • Introduction to Android and its Security Model
  • Basics of Android application development
  • Security Auditing of Android Apps: According to OWASP top 10
  • Automated security assessments with Drozer
  • Native Exploitation for Android Application
  • Forensics lab setup for Android

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Additional Information


  • Basic knowledge of computer.
  • Basic knowledge of network.
  • Basic knowledge penetration testing.

Laptop Requirements

  • Processor – Intel i3 or above.
  • RAM minimum – 4gb.
  • HDD space minimum – 10GB.
  • 1 Virtual machine configured with Kali.
  • Administrative Rights of the machine.
  • Install any simulator for android testing like Genymotion.



This course would be best suited for whom?

  • Students, Security professionals looking to learn the basics of networking.
  • Experienced Android developers
  • Information security analysts
  • Those seeking a career change to take advantage of the job opportunities in information security and need formal training/certification.