December 13, 2019

5 cyber security Myths that you need to forget

MYTH#1: I cannot be the target to criminals, only rich people and big organizations are.

FACT: Many individuals and SME (small and medium enterprises) think that cyber criminals only attack rich/important or bigger organizations but the reality is bitter. Cyber criminals always keep adding to woes by catching any lucrative information. India was the third worst-hit country in the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks. More than 40,000 computers were affected, but no major corporate or bank reported any disruption to their activities, raising doubts whether they are disclosing attacks at all.

MYTH#2: Cyber Security! An IT issue.

FACT: There is no doubt that cyber security is an Information Technology job but 2016 edition of Forbes states that; PEOPLE ARE OFTEN THE WEAKEST LINK IN THE SECURITY CHAIN. Though people and organizations are spending billions of dollars to protect themselves from the battle of cyber security yet safety starts from you.

MYTH#3: I do not have important data in my PC therefore I cannot be a victim.

FACT: Cyber attackers not only look for the important data on the system but also trace all the online activities of an individual. The more we do and share online, the more we are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It was reported in 2016 1 in 10 adults is the victim of fraud or online offences.

MYTH#4: I only access safe locations and open e-mails from known sources, therefore I am safe.

FACT: This myth is a hoax among individuals, irrespective of the fact that phishing is the most common type of breach in the world. You would be surprised to know that 46,000 new phishing sites are created each day.

MYTH#5: My passwords are enough to protect me.

FACT: Along with passwords you need to have extra layer of security to keep your data and yourself safe. Deloitte, one of the big four’s and a leading source of cyber-security advice for corporates, has had it email server hacked using legit credentials, client details revealed, attackers on system for months and no 2FA.

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