Cyber Crime Scene Investigation

Cyber Crime Scene Investigation

Course ID: QHA2110

Duration: 16 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy’s Certified Cyber Crime Scene Investigator

 11,800.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)


About Programme

Computers and other electronic media are being increasingly used to commit crimes. Hence they serve as potential evidence of crimes and provide information on suspects and victims irrespective of their geography. Electronic evidence can be found on pen drives, smartphones, hard disks, etc., and can be hidden in images, videos, encrypted files, etc. It can even be altered, damaged, or destroyed easily from improper handling or examination. This warrants the need to preserve such evidence with utmost care. This programme will explore the legal and practical issues affected by online criminal conduct and the successful acquisition of electronic evidence. The programme is designed to empower attendees who may be involved with the investigation, litigation and/or risk management of cyber and computer-related crime with practical skills that will equip them to understand the basics of the governing legalities and technicalities.

A case study approach will be used to foster a practical, instead of only a theoretical approach to learning. The aim of this programme is to give all attendees a clear picture of the nature of cybercrimes and how to investigate such crimes with new technology and procedures. Since new cybercrimes arise by a leap of development of telecommunication and information technologies, investigators must face such challenges with creative reasoning and technical skills.


Highlights of the programme

  1. Types of cybercrime
  2. Investigation techniques
  3. Technical and legal issues involved in digital evidence; types of electronics devices.
  4. Digital/electronic evidence vis-à- vis the Indian legal position.
  5. Collection of evidence
  6. Documentation procedures
  7. The best practices to be followed during the investigation.


Programme Content

  • Computer Forensics Needs
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Process
    • Forensics Readiness
    • Warrants and Secure the crime scene
    • Collect the evidence
    • Secure the Evidence
  • Searching and Seizing of Evidences
  • Digital Evidence
    • Rules of Evidence
    • Evidence Assessment
    • Evidence Acquisition
    • Evidence Preservation
  • First Responder Procedures
  • Packing and Transportation

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Additional Information


  • Anyone who has a sound technical knowledge, is a fast learner, good analytical thinking OR having basic knowledge of Windows Operating System.

Laptop Requirements

  • Processor – Intel i3 or above
  • RAM minimum – 4gb
  • HDD space minimum – 10GB
  • Administrative Rights of the machine



This course would be best suited for whom?

  • Incident Response Team Members
  • Red Team Members, Penetration Testers, and Exploit Developers
  • Information Security Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Professionals and Lawyers
  • Students and those seeking a career change to take advantage of the job opportunities in information security and need formal training/certification.