Blockchain, Darkweb and Cybercrime

Blockchain, Darkweb and Cybercrime

Course ID: QHA0100

Duration: 6 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy’s Programme on Blockchain, Darkweb and Cybercrime

 2,360.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)


About Programme

This is a special programme designed to keep in mind the conundrum, bitcoin has caused in the market leaving people struggling to digest the reality. Adding on, this special programme revolves not only around the bitcoins and the dilemma it has caused but also makes you familiar with topics which have yet not touched the grounds of reality.

Every coin has two sides such can also be said for Blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrency, one side with advanced measures and promising results in secured and easy transactions in a digital world and on the other hand, its misuse in the Dark web could bring a new box of challenges left wide open. This programme provides a platform for participants to get a new perspective and glimpse new evolving challenges with such technology. A combination of Blockchain technology, the use of cryptocurrency for the transactions on Dark web activities could lead to new undefined challenges to the highly skilled security professionals. This programme will provide a conceptual understanding of the new technology and the related Cybercrimes on Dark web.


Highlights of the programme

  1. Learning the effective and efficient use of technology behind the crypto currencies.
  2. This special programme revolves around the blockchain technology and the part it has played to change the era of internet.
  3. To build the skills which will help to learn and understand the revolutionising era of Cyber Security.
  4. Continuous monitoring of the Deepweb or Darkweb to take proactive steps to begin remediation prior to an exploit.
  5. To understand how criminals use hidden areas of the internet called The Darkweb, to commit Cyber Crimes.


Programme Content

  • Internet and Evolution of web
  • Centralized and decentralized system
  • Understanding blockchain technology
  • Uses of blockchain technology
  • Blockchain & crypto currency
  • Understanding crypto currency
  • Use of crypto currency
  • Deep Web & Dark Web
  • Understanding Dark web
  • Accessing dark web : Demo
  • Legal acceptance of crypto currency
  • Cyber crimes

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Additional Information


  • Anyone who has a sound technical knowledge, is a fast learner, good analytical thinking OR basic knowledge of computers.

Laptop Requirements

  • Since it’s going to be a theoretical session, bringing laptop is not mandatory.



Where this course will be useful?

This course will be useful to anyone who wants to get familiar with the blockchain technology and it’s use cases.

What is the need of this course.?

This course will help in learning about the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and it’s requirement in the current digital world.

I have a non-technical background. Can I still pursue this course?

To pursue this course, you just need to have the basic knowledge of computers.