Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

Course ID: QHA7100

Duration: 6 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy’s Programme on Cyber Security Awareness

 1,180.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)


About Programme

We are living in a remarkable time. Never have we connected this much through technology ever before. New forms of communication systems and ever evolving technologies have impacted lives of all in various ways, whether the way we communicate or do business online. Basic Cyber Awareness is the first step to protect and mitigate risks involved in this technology oriented era. Cyber Security Awareness programme helps in understanding various types of cybercrimes, their effect and countermeasures to protect the confidential information.

Today, Children are seen to give more regard to their “digital playgrounds”. It is not uncommon to see children playing on their smart phones while at a restaurant with their family, or to see a child operating a computer better than some adults.

Knowingly or unknowingly there is a lot of personal information being shared online by kids without knowing its effects. Therefore, it is very important that cyber Education is made part of School curriculum. Thus, to handle the situation we have designed CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS Programme for the Students, Parents and Management.


Highlights of the programme

  1. Learning the effective and efficient use of cyber technology.
  2. It helps to understand the need of Information Security in the online world.
  3. Help you to safe yourself from the darker sides of internet.
  4. To build the skills which will help to create and maintain a cyber safe environment.
  5. Understanding threats in the Digital World through real life case studies within the content of Cybersecurity Architecture.


Programme Content

  • Brief introduction to Cyber Security
  • Why do we need Cyber Security?
  • Introduction to Cyber Space
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime
  • Types of Cyber Crimes
  • Understanding threats in Cyber Space
  • Threats to the Cyber World
  • Understanding the family of Malware – virus, worm and trojan horses
  • Social Media – boon or bane
  • Threats on Social Media
  • Keep yourself safe in social life
  • Weak Passwords vs Strong Passwords
  • Two factor authentication
  • Secure Browsing
  • Protection against spywares, adware and clickbait
  • Cyber Ethics

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Additional Information


  • Anyone who has a sound technical knowledge, is a fast learner, good analytical thinking OR basic knowledge of computers.

Laptop Requirements

  • Since it’s going to be a theoretical session, bringing laptop is not mandatory.



This course would be best suited for whom?

  • App Developers
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • System Architects
  • Systems Analysts
  • Security personnel

It is also suitable for those who want to embark on a career within the Cyber Security domain.