Introduction to Data Privacy

Introduction to Data Privacy

Course ID: QHA6120

Duration: 6 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy’s Programme on Introduction to Data Privacy

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About Programme

Gone are the times when people used to put locks on safety deposit boxes and lockers in banks & homes in order to protect their valuable assets. The fact that all our valuable assets have taken the form of “DATA” in cyberspace, is not surprising. With digitalization taking on the world, the concept of data privacy has taken an all new level. Data Privacy affects each and every individual in today’s digital world, and therefore concerns every organization. Organizations that deal with large amount of customer data are at stake when it comes to data privacy. In India, the prevailing myth seems to be ‘Data Protection’ is not something we need to bother about just yet – there is no law’. Another common misunderstanding is that Data Privacy is the same as Data Security. This course clears these myths and gives a deep understanding of the present legal position of data privacy in India vis-a-vis GDPR regulations.


Highlights of the programme

  1. Understand why there is a need to address data privacy.
  2. Know what is personal data and its various classifications.
  3. Understand key privacy laws and the underlying privacy principles that govern data privacy.
  4. Know what organizations need to institute to ensure personal data the organization deals with is treated responsibly and within the framework of laws.
  5. Get a snapshot of what is happening globally in this rapidly evolving domain and its relevance to the Indian context.


Programme Content

  • Data Privacy: The Global Landscape
  • Personal Data and Personal Sensitive Data
  • Data Privacy vs Data Security
  • Data Privacy for organizations doing business in and outside India
  • Data Privacy Laws
  • Data Privacy and Ownership in Cyberspace
  • Data Protection Models for Organizations

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Additional Information


  • Anyone who has a sound technical knowledge, is a fast learner, good analytical thinking OR basic knowledge of computers.

Laptop Requirements

  • Since it’s going to be a theoretical session, bringing laptop is not mandatory.



Whom is the GDPR applicable to?

The GDPR applies to-

  • Organizations that are located within the EU
  • Organizations that are located outside of the EU who offer goods/services or monitor the behavior of EU citizens

I have a non-technical background. Can I still pursue this course?

To take this course, you just need to have the basic knowledge of technology.

Who all can take this course?

Privacy, security & IT professionals, lawyers, compliance officers, Information system & security auditors, risk professionals, students from engineering, law & humanities and anyone interested to learn about data privacy can take up this course.