Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence

Course ID: QHA4131

Duration: 8 Hours

Certification Name: Quick Heal Academy’s Programme on Social Media Intelligence

 4,130.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)


About Programme

We live in a world where we are sailing in the sea of data. What is relevant is that all of this information is within everyone’s reach in the virtual world. It is there all over social media because people are too busy posting that they forget to care about their privacy at times!! It is important to understand that why even after using sophisticated defence mechanisms, organizations are getting hacked. Social Media Intelligence about collecting information using social media platforms and applications, using specialised tools and techniques to analyze the regularly updated sentiments and social behaviours. In this training you learn how the information available over social media platforms can be leveraged into a comprehensive profiling, location tracking in less time and smart searches can provide faster results that unlock the information you never knew existed.


Highlights of the programme

  1. Understand dynamic media landscape
  2. Understand the basic concepts of SOCMINT from ground up.
  3. Intensive and interactive lab based learning to help you gather information effortlessly in less time.
  4. Learn to perform smart searches using social media and networks as a tool.
  5. Dos and Don’ts for Social Media presence.
  6. Advance Search techniques for social platforms & online privacy.
  7. Examine geolocation, satellite imagery and other street views.


Programme Content

  • Understanding OSINT
  • Introduction to Social Media Intelligence
  • Social Media Search and Research
  • Facebook’s Potential: Introduction and its use for OSINT, Search, Profile-Search, Exposed Profiles, Multiple profiles, Friends Data, Detailed Search, Videos, Live Videos, Friends Export.
  • Twitter’s Potential: Introduction, Search, Profiles Exposed, Detailed Search
  • Other Platforms: Instagram, Google Plus, Smaller Networks, Mapped Posts Update, Social Networks Update
  • Advance Searches for Social Media
  • Online Privacy and information gathering
  • Cyber Investigations using SMINT
  • Check Social Media Presence

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Additional Information


  • Basic understanding of computer and Familiarity with internet, search engines and social media platforms. Student should have willingness to learn the fundamentals of SOCMINT.

Laptop Requirements

  • Processor – Intel i3 or above
  • RAM minimum – 4gb
  • HDD space minimum – 10GB
  • Administrative Rights of the machine



This course would be best suited for whom?

  • Students, Incident Response Team Members
  • Law Enforcement Officials
  • Anyone who is keen on understanding this domain